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The immigration policy of a country comprises the steps taken by a national government and the rules and regulations formulated by it to control, organize and manage the phenomenon of foreign immigration tapping into the respective country. Immigration Law by nature varies from one country to another and may get amended due to the political climates of certain periods. Certain countries have very strict Immigration Laws regulating both the internal rights of citizens and their right to enter the country. Immigration Law also has the obvious scope for a process of naturalization by which immigrants to a country may, after a span of time, become its citizens.

In the context of resident citizens, Immigration Law is regulated within the corpus of International Law. It is from the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the source mandates are drawn. According to these mandates all the countries around the globe allow the entry to its own citizens. On the other hand, Immigration Law in the context of foreign citizens is primarily influenced by Nationality Law. The Nationality Law presides over the legal status of individuals particularly in matters of citizenship.

In the above context, an Immigration Lawyer is a legal professional who studies and practices the Immigration Law of a state. He or she deals with the various legal issues that both internal immigrants and resident citizens residing in other countries may have and provide appropriate assistance in the appropriate context.

A. Harrison Barnes mentions the following steps that would help you embark upon the interesting and challenging career of an Immigration Lawyer.

Start by researching thoroughly to come up with one suitable law school that you would prefer to attend once you are done with the Undergraduation. Place applications to all schools with a commendable reputation and quality faculty. Check out whether the law school teaches all the most current and comprehensive facts and studies about Immigration Law that will help you on your way to moulding yourself into a competent Immigration Lawyer.

Get yourself admitted to a quality law program that focuses on all the latest Immigration Laws around the globe. Commence the program with a lot of attention and take optimum time to conclude it with a thorough analysis on what you have gained so far, and how much updating is required on your part.

The next thing A. Harrison Barnes wants you to do is choose upon an internship, particularly in a reputed Immigration Law firm/Agency in your neighborhood or the surrounding locality. This way you will be able to continue law school and the internship simultaneously gaining precious work experience and the necessary training.

At law school join the Law Club and put forward an active participation. Keep yourself up to date on all the current Naturalization and Immigration Laws. This is mandatory for the fruitful development of your career as an Immigration Lawyer according to A. Harrison Barnes.

Do not settle with the goal of scraping yourself out on your way outside of law school. Be focused on the fact that if you put in a great deal of attention and concentration, you can pass out in flying colors. Your goal is to secure a sound knowledge of the various Immigration Law practices that are included in your syllabi to get through law school.

Start your job search for appropriate legal jobs with organizations and law firms that actively function within the legal community of Immigration.

Try to find a position in a National Agency that primarily works with Immigration cases. This will help you grab ample experience in diverse elements in the content of the world of Immigration Law. If possible try to join the American Immigration Lawyer Association. If you can do that, nothing could be better for you, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Be open to take up any case that puts forward all your personal convictions in regard to Immigration Law. This will positively contribute to your zeal for representing a particular cause. As a lawyer it would be necessary for you to stay updated at all times on every aspect of Immigration Law and any latest news in accordance to it.

Another positive thing you can do for your legal career as an Immigration Lawyer is to actively participate in political committees that aptly represent the convictions that you personally believe in.

Some of the typical responsibilities of an Immigration Lawyer as highlighted by A. Harrison Barnes are,

  • Immigration Lawyers are supposed to represent people in criminal trials.
  • It is their responsibility to apprise clients on the various legal rights applicable to them.
  • Immigration Lawyers are supposed to represent individuals in cases concerning disputes to immigration issues

According to the latest reports of the BLS, employment for Immigration Lawyers is probable to rise simultaneously with the national average in the course of 2014. As far as the salary information is concerned, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS reports the standard annual income of Immigration Lawyers is around $94,930 irrespective of the specialty areas.

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