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In early January 2010, Chrysler hired nearly 600 engineers in an effort to rebuild after the significant downsizing efforts of 2008 and 2009. Great news, right? If the Detroit Auto Show held in January 2010 is any indication, the rebuilding efforts have begun for the “Big 3″. Sergio Marchionne, CEO for Chrysler said, “I need bodies to make these cars”. Odds are, he won’t have any problem finding those bodies.

Mark Reuss, Chevrolet spokesperson says its current employee numbers can’t meet the demand for many of the Chevy models and the new goal is to resume hiring efforts similar to those before the recession. For now, the company is focused on continuing to raise demand for the carmaker’s models. While Chevrolet considers its options, Ford celebrates its most recent award, the 2010 Car of the Year. Its Fusion Hybrid is turning heads while the number crunchers are announcing firm plans to increase production by 58% this year. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of says it’s been a slow dance for Detroit’s automakers, but the pace is beginning to pick up.

Looks as though 2010 will be the year for rebounds in both the transportation and manufacturing sectors and will result in bringing employment numbers up to pre-recession levels. Watch for an increase in engineer jobs, office jobs, blue collar jobs and especially human resources jobs. If your background is in this area, you might be inclined to update your own resume. The new goal in 2010 for many is to update their resumes and polish their interview skills as they anticipate these new opportunities. Even new graduates might be offered salaries their peers were not offered this time last year. Regardless, it’s significant progress and promises to raise hopes and expectations as we enter a new decade and attempt to put the past two years and the financial shortfalls the recession brought behind us. A. Harrison Barnes agrees and says the timing is perfect as we begin a new year with a renewed hope for an improved employment outlook.

While Chrysler continues to open up engineer jobs, Ford continues with its award winning efforts and Chevrolet moves forward with its own plant re-openings and new hiring efforts, we all remain optimistic of this being a strong sign that not only the recession beginning to fade, but hopes of the job market’s long anticipated rebound as well. In the meantime, job seekers might consider a resume writing service, such as what A. Harrison Barne’s provides, to ensure their bases are covered as they continue to anticipate the new good news out of the Detroit automakers and what it means for the country, its employment sector and the recession as a whole.

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