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For job searching, the Internet is a wonderful tool. More employers are turning to the World Wide Web to advertise their open positions because it is more cost effective for them, and less people are using newspapers and other print media to search for jobs.

Create a Resume
First, create a resume that is: well written using active voice, free of grammatical and typographical errors, highlights accomplishments, showcases experience and expertise, and is properly formatted. This should be easy to customize for each job applied for, to make it noticeable to hiring managers.

Create Accounts at Top Online Job Databases
Create accounts with top online job databases such as Career Builder and Monster. This will make it easier for you to track jobs applied for. Consider sites such as Better Jobs, Local Jobs, and Beyond to increase the number of available job postings to look through.

Join Social Networking Websites
If you’re not already an active part of social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, start accounts there and get to know people. There may be someone there who can help you in the job search, or even offer a position to you.

Look Everyday
The most important thing is to continue to look through various websites to find new listings and check your email for responses to any applications you’ve sent out over the past week. You don’t have to spend your entire day looking for work, but you shouldn’t skip a day, because the day you skip may offer the job you’ve been looking for all along.

Look for Industry Specific Job Databases
For freelancers especially, there are several different industry specific places to look for jobs. The same may be true for your industry. Though it may take some time to find it, it’ll give you more specific jobs to apply for.

Remember; make custom resumes and cover letters for each job to have an edge over all the other applicants. Searching for an online job may not land one overnight, but with various techniques, dedication and effort, finding the right job online is possible.

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