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Searching a job is quite a daunting task. People spend hours online just searching for the right job. And with the present economic condition, it has only become more difficult. In order to get the right kind of job, you need to know how to search for it. An Online search on job portals and job boards is one way of going about things. However, networking skills play a major role in expanding your search and helping you meet the right kind of people.

A. Harrison Barnes of suggests job seekers that they should have a planned approach towards seeking a job. They should initially plan what exactly they want, which field they want to enter, which geographical area suits them the best and also which company they wish to work with. Once you have decided what exactly you need to try different ways of letting people know that you are looking for a job. It is suggested that you should join almost all the employment sites that are available online as this will help you broaden your search. But searching for jobs should not be limited to online sites only. One also needs to network to expand ones search.

You need to have an active network in place. Referral programs are the top recruitment programs in most companies today. Employers prefer the referrals provided by their employees. You have a clear advantage over the scores of job seekers who apply for the same position. This network can be created by your family or friends who in turn can spread the word. There are many online sites that give you a chance to increase your network. You should make best use of it. This is the best way to stand out among other potential job seekers who only prefer searching for an opportunity in the traditional manner.

Once you find the opportunity of your choice, make sure that you make the best of it. A. Harrison Barnes says that the way you present yourself in front of the employer is very important. Your presentation should place you apart from other potential job seekers in the eye of the employer. Your first impression should be the best. You have to have a perfect resume. Your resume should give the employer a snapshot of your complete profile. You can find numerous samples of professionally written resumes online. Keep them as a guide and go ahead. Always remember that a resume represents you on paper.

Once you have sent your application patiently wait for the employer to call you for an interview, suggests A. Harrison Barnes. When you apply to various opportunities at the same time, there is always the chance that confusion and errors can creep in. Always remember to maintain an interview schedule. Schedule interviews in the order in which your interest lies in the organization. Never rush into one. It is a mistake that cost you your job. Schedule interviews in such a way that you have sufficient time to prepare for every interview. When creating an interview schedule keep some pointers in mind. Ask yourself, what is the interview about? Why were you chosen for the interview? How long do you expect it to last? Do not cram the schedule. Keep breathing pace for yourself. In this way you can give the maximum for every interview you attend, recommends A. Harrison Barnes.

After you have been selected for the interview at the company you applied, prepare yourself for the interview. You should be well prepared by displaying complete knowledge about your field. Make sure that the employer is not able to find any flaws in your profile. You have to be confident in your approach; the way you greet the interviewer, the way you sit, the way you talk or the way you react to their questions. The employer should not feel any negativity in you or should not have the feeling that you are not serious about the job. Stay positive; be ready to keep your mind open. You need to convince the employer that you are here to enhance the organization with your skills. You should be confident of yourself. Positive body language reflects confidence and a strong personality.

If you follow these basic steps recommended by A. Harrison Barnes, you are definitely scoring a job for yourself and that too of your choice. In all, having a positive attitude and a positive outlook are key ingredients in securing you the job of your choice.

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