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One of the most common problems that are faced by the people at work is being well liked at their work place. A comfortable environment and friendly colleagues is what everyone wishes for but you need to take some steps that will make everyone like you at your work. It is very important that your colleagues like you, as it is an important factor for your growth and success at your organization. You have to understand that you belong to a part of society in the organization and you have to move according to it. You cannot separate yourself and continue to work.

A. Harrison Barnes argues that it is very important to be liked at the work place. If it is not so then there is the possibility that your superiors may not like you and even think that you may not be liked by their clients. This will generate a negative image in the minds of the employers and is detrimental to your growth.

Do not get too involved with Cliques: A. Harrison Barnes strongly advices to avoid being a part of cliques while working in an organization. It is an unhealthy practice because the basic trait of cliques is that if any member is suffering due to any reason, they all will stand up against it. So if you are close to any of the members of the organization who is going through a rough patch, then others will think the same about you as well. The firm will consider you as a part of the same group and will be of a strong opinion that you would react in the very same way as others who are a part of the clique. Over 50 percent of employees leave or will be fired in the first two to three years, says A. Harrison Barnes. Often they leave as they do not like their workplace or their bosses. Often however, as a direct result of cliques, the management feels the need to weed out the group mentality that often accompanies cliques for the betterment of the organization.

You will only succeed if you do not belong to any of the group. A. Harrison Barnes from his experience says that most of the people who have moved to a better position in their life have not been part of any group. They understood that such cliques have no positive effects on their careers, so they were keener on working hard than being a member of it. They knew that this was an obstacle in their path to success.

Do not Speak Ill about Your Coworkers: You should not say anything ill against your co-workers or your organization. You should avoid being part of or participate in rumors of anyone in the organization. Most rumors are of a co-workers personal life or with regards to his professional competence. Firstly, there is no guarantee that what you have spoken about someone will not be communicated to that very person. To someone with serious leadership skills, you will look extremely weak if you gossip. This will adversely affect your chances of growth in the organization.

If you are spreading irrelevant rumors chances are they will return the favor. Never speak negatively about your subordinates as your work hinges on them. Once a subordinate comes to know that you have bad mouthed him/her, he can make your work more difficult that you can imagine. If the management were to ask them about you and their opinion about you, and rest assured that you will not get a very positive report card. It is a good idea, never to upset your staff with negative words or gossip.

Make Your Superiors feel Important: You have been hired in the organization because work needs to get done. Your superiors are the ones who have hired you for this very reason. You need to make them feel important. The reason is very simple. In our personal life, we surround ourselves with people who give us importance. Similarly, in an organization if you want to grow, you need to make you superiors feel that you are here for them.

They expect you to listen and do as they tell you to. If you are new in the organization, it is a bad move to set your own protocols or ways to do things. Your superiors have more experience than you, and there will be a very good reason why they have asked you to do a particular work in a specific way says A. Harrison Barnes. Do not challenge them. That will give them a feeling that you lack respect for them. Make your superiors feel important and help them look good in front of their respective bosses. Accolades and benefits will trickle down slowly but surely. As A. Harrison Barnes says, if your young do not try and be a general, be a soldier and work your way up to be a general.

Listen and ask what others have to Say: One trait that is purely human is to talk about you to other people. Little do we understand that others are least interested to hear you talk to them about your personal life and so on. If you are a good listener, people feel that you are taking active interest in them and you really want to know them better.

You should listen to what your superiors and subordinates have to say. You can gain knowledge and grow in the organization if you listen to what others have to say. The smartest person is the one who listens and even asks others a lot about themselves and do not end up talking about himself. A. Harrison Barnes says that you can gain tremendous amounts of information by simply listening to others. Keep your ears open for useful information can land no your ears from anywhere.

Be Cheerful: People prefer working with those who are cheerful and not with those who always have a bad mouth for others. A cheerful and energetic attitude towards your work will attract you towards your colleagues and they will like you more. This will even give you a positive attitude towards your work and you will prefer working hard for both yourself and the company. Always carry a smile with you. This will have a very good impression upon your subordinates as well as your seniors. Moreover, if you smile and be energetic, this will definitely spread positive energy at workplace.

Be Sincere and Honest towards Your Work: Always take your work seriously. A. Harrison Barnes says that you should always give enough importance to it. You should not forget that you are here to work. You are measured and appreciated by the work you do in the organization. Every management wants an employee who is sincere and honest. This shows that the employee is ready to learn and grow. Such employees are assets to the organization and will grow higher and faster. If you give importance to your work then it will add importance to your career.

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