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It was not until the 20th century that lawyers gained access to the bar examination through apprenticeship rather than through the university study. A number of law schools were developed to provide qualified legal training. Presently, every state requires the candidate to clear the bar examination to obtain a Jurist Doctorate degree. The candidates are required to be accredited by an ABA school.

It was until the 1930s and 1940s that persons had to obtain license to practice laws. Most of the lawyers used to qualify for a license by functioning as an apprentice on behalf of an attorney who is already established, for a specified period of time says A. Harrison Barnes. It was since 1950, that the states started asking for law school degrees. This requirement was established by the state legislatures. As a result of this, the standard of legal education increased. The law degree offered by most of the law schools is LLM or master degree in laws. Since the 1960s, the universities and colleges augmented the requirements for legal degree, and the LLM degree was replaced by the JD degree. In the United States of America, jurist doctoral degree is conferred in Latin as Jurist Doctor. The same thing in English is termed as Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Some of the steps as mentioned by A. Harrison Barnes that requires to be cleared are mentioned below:

In the first stage a student is required to clear the bachelor’s degree. You can be a graduate in any discipline. There are no specifications for that. Many of the students aspiring to become a lawyer have economics, political science, liberal arts, history or international affairs as the main subject in graduation. suggests that the students must take up courses like philosophy, public speaking, ethics or government in writing. A. Harrison Barnes further states that students specialized in the field of environmental science or accounts can choose their field that are closely related to these backgrounds.

The law students who want to pursue a jurist doctoral degree must qualify the LSAT or Law School Admission Test. Only this helps you to get accredited by the American Bar Association school of law says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The LSAT scores are extremely crucial that determine major part of the admissions portfolio. With a maximum score of 180, you can easily get into any reputed law school. You might have to spend a lot of time to get accepted. You should not lose your patience because you are after all aiming for a jurist doctoral degree. Financing your own education is a very novel idea.

After passing the LSAT examination, you qualify for attaining the jurist doctorate degree. The students attaining a jurist doctoral degree in the first year are required to study about torts, contracts, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and civil procedures says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of The students can develop their interpersonal, communicative and analytical skills after achieving such a high degree. The law students can choose their own area of specialization like corporate law or tax. The legal clinics and mock trials impart legal experience under the control of a professor.

The lawyers engaged in the legal profession, have the responsibility of defending or prosecuting the accused parties during trials, apart from this they are also required to counsel their clients on several legal matters. The drafting and interpretation of laws also fall within their purview says A. Harrison Barnes .The attorneys undertake interview of the witnesses, carry out research works of the legal cases, and prepare legal documents. The professional lawyers have the responsibility of carrying out practice in the field of international, business, environmental, bankruptcy and criminal laws. To begin a career in the legal field, they may work for the governmental, non profit organizations, law firms or corporations. The attainment of a Jurist Doctor degree enables the candidates to enter into the legal field.

This jurist doctoral degree was first awarded by the Harvard University in the US. The degree was conferred since the 19th century and was equivalent to the traditional legal degree of European doctor. The Jurist Doctor or scientific study of law initiated by the Harvard University became very popular since then. This can be said to be the only professional degree that helped to train the law students professionally says A. Harrison Barnes. Unlike many other degree courses like D.D.S., M.D. or D.O., in JD you are not required to submit a thesis or research dissertation in this case.

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