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LegalAuthority is one of the best legal job search sites on the web today without question. It is more then a job search site for attorneys and graduate students but a great resource for career advice, legal resumeassistance and many free articles that can help you with the entire job search process.

If your legal resumeseems to be lacking “something special” and you think its not as great as it can be, not to worry. LegalAuthority provides a free no obligationlegal resumecritique and free market evaluation to see where you stand. You may have an outstanding resume, but if it isn’t well constructed then employers might look at someone who has a more professional looking legal resume. A resume shows  what you have done in your work history and why thelegal employersshould hire you. LegalAuthority will ensure your resume and legal cover letteris topnotch and ready for the legal world to see.

Many job search sites post jobs and that is it – wow, how exciting. If you ever searched for a job online you know how frustrating the experience can be. When you search with LegalAuthority you have two options to choose from: The first option is the online search option where you can purchase contacts. The second option is allowing one of LegalAuthority Employment Advocates to guide you through the selection and purchase process.

If you feel you can handle the process by yourself then best of luck to you. Why not take advantage of one the Employment Advocates LegalAuthority has to offer? Having real life assistance is what separates LegalAuthority and all the CareerMission sites apart from the rest of the legal employment services - the hands on approach from dedicated employment placemen professionals. Regardless of what step you choose the process could not be any easier. The process for each step is outlined beautifully in the process section tab.

The “Your Options’ section on LegalAuthority is especially helpful for those seeking a different type of legal employment. Perhaps you are becoming increasing unhappy with your current situation and need a change immediately. The “Myth Verses Reality” articles are extremely helpful debunking false perceptions on law firm jobs, in-house jobs, prosecutor jobs and more. LegalAuthority gives out more free information then most sites have total information (which you may have to pay for also).

Another reason why LegalAuthority has become so successful over the years is because of its database and technology. LegalAuthority has an advanced search engine that will narrow down yourlegal job searchvery specifically. By narrowing down your search so quickly, this will save you much time in the legal job search hunt surely.

If you are worried and feel LegalAuthority isn’t all that it seems, read the many testimonials and see what others have to say about LegalAuthority. Job search sites all claim they are the best and have unparalleled success in helping find job seekers quality jobs. If you are a seasoned legal attorney looking for a change of scenery or a law student graduate, LegalAuthority can and will help you as much as possible by laying down the foundation for you to become successful – once again or for the first time.

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