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Today there are more people out of work than there have been in several decades. Due to this employers are receiving significantly more applications for every job opening that they have. With the significantly larger influx of applications, employers may be having a difficult time sifting through all of them. However, it is essential that employers follow some very specific guidelines to avoid some of the most commonly made mistakes in hiring.

When looking through job applicants you want to sift through those that have the qualifications that you are looking for and those that do not. When you have your list of potential employees you will want to call them in for an interview. It is this pre-screening process that is essential to weeding out unqualified candidates. When you are interviewing someone for employment you will need to be completely honest with them. Spend time discussing the details of your company honestly and candidly. Do not try to hide the tougher aspects of the jobs that you are looking for because that can only hurt you. Instead, you want to let them know all of the details about their potential career with you.

Additionally, you will also want to spend some time during the interview to assess the applicant’s personality. It can be easy to be blinded by a great resume, but job skills alone do not mean that they will be a great fit for your open job. Instead, you want to get a sense of who they are as a person. Does their disposition seem like it would be a positive addition to your current team of employees? Are they easy to talk to? Are they open to constructive criticism? All of these questions will help you to determine if they might be right for the job opening that you have available.

You may also want to do some testing of your potential applicant. There are a couple of different tests that you can choose to incorporate into your employment search. First and foremost you might want to think about if it is important for you to have your employees complete a pre-employment drug test. In addition to that, and perhaps even more importantly you might want to create a test that will asses an applicant’s personality and/or knowledge of your business.

From there you should be able to see who your serious candidates are. Once you have those you should definitely check their references. Be sure to listen very carefully to their references answers. Take note if they dance around a particular subject or if they leave out important details. This may be a clue that they have doubts about how effective the potential employee might be for you.

Overall, the most important thing that you can do when you are hiring is to trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about an applicant, trust it. You do not want to ignore it and then be stuck with an employee who is not a great fit for your team.

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