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So you struggled through law school, did quite well and passed the bar. How do you tell those two loving souls you refer to as Mom and Pop that you dont want to be a lawyer? And are there any jobs that will allow you to incorporate your education without taking on the traditional lawyer job? A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of has a few suggestions that will make everyone happy- even Mom and Dad.

Many positions require an understanding of employment law and even other legal specialties. Employers who dont want to leave themselves vulnerable look for attorneys who want to shake things up in their career. For instance, many companies have full time investigators on board. When that investigator has a law degree, these companies rest easy knowing theyre not trampling on anothers privacy rights. Everything from contract law to concerns over employee theft and how to handle it all require a certain set of skills. Lawyers do really well in these positions and the salaries can be impressive too.

Another great position includes those lawyers who specialize in all things financial. Stock options, creating flexible spending accounts, medical insurance these are all important to a business, but can be a landmine when trying to navigate the sometimes unclear waters. These guys can not only help the company with threats to its financial health, but can also double as a personal advisor to employees. Its a win win for everyone involved. A benefits manager with a background in law is in big demand and now that the countrys on way back after a long recession, these guys are more important than ever.

Employment mediators are also finding themselves in big demand. Employment law can be tricky and when an employee feels hes been wronged, its to everyones advantage to settle the problem outside a courtroom. This is where an attorney can flourish as a mediator. These positions also include impressive salaries and benefits packages, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Finally, the founder says teaching is always an option. Its both rewarding and never dull. It ensures a lawyer is not boxed into any particular specialty and is also a great way to broaden his horizons. Teaching positions often lead to other unexpected opportunities.

Any of these positions are rewarding and will allow one to incorporate that costly education on a daily basis. No one wants to work in a position where theyre not happy and your law degree ensures you always have options. Most come to realize its not the profession they abhor, but rather, the constraints some positions place on them.

For some of these jobs and other great ways to use your law degree, be sure to visit With thousands of jobs added daily, a new career avenue awaits you. Where you take your education is up to you and where you ultimately land just might provide satisfaction in ways you hadnt even considered possible.

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