Friday December 8, 2023

The Never Ending Quest for a Promotion

It makes no difference if you were promoted last week or last year, it’s important to always stay focused on the next one.  No one wants to work diligently and see the promotion within sight, only to make that one blunder that moves you from the fast lane to the bumpy dirt road to nowhere.  […]

Oil and Water – One Region’s Efforts

Last week marked the five year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s annihilation of the Mississippi and Louisiana coasts.  This same region is also attempting, along with other states in the Gulf region, to pick up the pieces after a summer of oil coated beaches and a lack of tourists.  How can two catastrophic events, so close […]

Environmental Compliance Jobs

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Changes in Miranda

The Supreme Court recently revised the Miranda warnings that people who find themselves under arrest will hear from the arresting officer. A. Harrison Barnes, attorney and founder says the changes are important and will affect not only those charged with crimes, but lawyers, law enforcement and the legal sector in its entirety. So just […]

Define Your Own Success!

Lawyers who are set to graduate face many questions as they begin to plot the course of their careers. Most already know what specialty they’re going into and have prepared as best they can for their state bar exams. A. Harrison Barnes, who’s also an attorney and founder, says it’s up to each of […]

A Day in the Life…

Divorce Attorneys For years, the divorce rates in America have hovered near the 50% mark. With recent announcements by a few well known celebrities of their marriages dissipating, including Kelsey Grammar, who is divorcing his wife and Melissa Etheridge, who is legally ending her partnership, divorce attorneys across the nation are staying busy. College graduates […]

You Could, but Why Would You?

Ask an interviewer – any interviewer – what the most frustrating aspect of interviewing potential new employees is. You might think the reply would be that too many people apply for positions they’re not qualified for or maybe even the number of applicants who arrive late or unprepared. Odds are, you’d be wrong on both […]

A Lawyer’s Contribution to the High Schools in His Community

Most lawyers report doing pro bono work allows them balance. They’re afforded opportunities at cases they might otherwise miss out on, especially in those areas they may not normally practice in. But many lawyers across the country are recognizing they can making a contribution in another way, too. A. Harrison Barnes says some lawyers are […]

5 Great Specialties for Lawyers

With so much competition in the legal field, and even strong competition for admittance into law school, some lawyers are wondering which specialty is going to offer the most opportunities (and salaries) for them. The Bureau of Labor Stats has its scientific methods for determining which of the legal avenues will present the best odds […]

When You Have A Law Degree But No Passion For Practicing Law

So you struggled through law school, did quite well and passed the bar. How do you tell those two loving souls you refer to as Mom and Pop that you dont want to be a lawyer? And are there any jobs that will allow you to incorporate your education without taking on the traditional lawyer […]