Sunday September 25, 2022

Successful Online Job Search

For job searching, the Internet is a wonderful tool. More employers are turning to the World Wide Web to advertise their open positions because it is more cost effective for them, and less people are using newspapers and other print media to search for jobs.

Create a Resume
First, create a resume that is: well written using active voice, free of grammatical and typographical errors, highlights accomplishments, showcases experience and expertise, and is properly formatted. This should be easy to customize for each job applied for, to make it noticeable to hiring managers.

Create Accounts at Top Online Job Databases
Create accounts with top online job databases such as Career Builder and Monster. This will make it easier for you to track jobs applied for. Consider sites such as Better Jobs, Local Jobs, and Beyond to increase the number of available job postings to look through.

Join Social Networking Websites
If you’re not already an active part of social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, start accounts there and get to know people. There may be someone there who can help you in the job search, or even offer a position to you.

Look Everyday
The most important thing is to continue to look through various websites to find new listings and check your email for responses to any applications you’ve sent out over the past week. You don’t have to spend your entire day looking for work, but you shouldn’t skip a day, because the day you skip may offer the job you’ve been looking for all along.

Look for Industry Specific Job Databases
For freelancers especially, there are several different industry specific places to look for jobs. The same may be true for your industry. Though it may take some time to find it, it’ll give you more specific jobs to apply for.

Remember; make custom resumes and cover letters for each job to have an edge over all the other applicants. Searching for an online job may not land one overnight, but with various techniques, dedication and effort, finding the right job online is possible.

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Become an Immigration Lawyer

The immigration policy of a country comprises the steps taken by a national government and the rules and regulations formulated by it to control, organize and manage the phenomenon of foreign immigration tapping into the respective country. Immigration Law by nature varies from one country to another and may get amended due to the political climates of certain periods. Certain countries have very strict Immigration Laws regulating both the internal rights of citizens and their right to enter the country. Immigration Law also has the obvious scope for a process of naturalization by which immigrants to a country may, after a span of time, become its citizens.

In the context of resident citizens, Immigration Law is regulated within the corpus of International Law. It is from the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the source mandates are drawn. According to these mandates all the countries around the globe allow the entry to its own citizens. On the other hand, Immigration Law in the context of foreign citizens is primarily influenced by Nationality Law. The Nationality Law presides over the legal status of individuals particularly in matters of citizenship.

In the above context, an Immigration Lawyer is a legal professional who studies and practices the Immigration Law of a state. He or she deals with the various legal issues that both internal immigrants and resident citizens residing in other countries may have and provide appropriate assistance in the appropriate context.

A. Harrison Barnes mentions the following steps that would help you embark upon the interesting and challenging career of an Immigration Lawyer.

Start by researching thoroughly to come up with one suitable law school that you would prefer to attend once you are done with the Undergraduation. Place applications to all schools with a commendable reputation and quality faculty. Check out whether the law school teaches all the most current and comprehensive facts and studies about Immigration Law that will help you on your way to moulding yourself into a competent Immigration Lawyer.

Get yourself admitted to a quality law program that focuses on all the latest Immigration Laws around the globe. Commence the program with a lot of attention and take optimum time to conclude it with a thorough analysis on what you have gained so far, and how much updating is required on your part.

The next thing A. Harrison Barnes wants you to do is choose upon an internship, particularly in a reputed Immigration Law firm/Agency in your neighborhood or the surrounding locality. This way you will be able to continue law school and the internship simultaneously gaining precious work experience and the necessary training.

At law school join the Law Club and put forward an active participation. Keep yourself up to date on all the current Naturalization and Immigration Laws. This is mandatory for the fruitful development of your career as an Immigration Lawyer according to A. Harrison Barnes.

Do not settle with the goal of scraping yourself out on your way outside of law school. Be focused on the fact that if you put in a great deal of attention and concentration, you can pass out in flying colors. Your goal is to secure a sound knowledge of the various Immigration Law practices that are included in your syllabi to get through law school.

Start your job search for appropriate legal jobs with organizations and law firms that actively function within the legal community of Immigration.

Try to find a position in a National Agency that primarily works with Immigration cases. This will help you grab ample experience in diverse elements in the content of the world of Immigration Law. If possible try to join the American Immigration Lawyer Association. If you can do that, nothing could be better for you, says A. Harrison Barnes.

Be open to take up any case that puts forward all your personal convictions in regard to Immigration Law. This will positively contribute to your zeal for representing a particular cause. As a lawyer it would be necessary for you to stay updated at all times on every aspect of Immigration Law and any latest news in accordance to it.

Another positive thing you can do for your legal career as an Immigration Lawyer is to actively participate in political committees that aptly represent the convictions that you personally believe in.

Some of the typical responsibilities of an Immigration Lawyer as highlighted by A. Harrison Barnes are,

  • Immigration Lawyers are supposed to represent people in criminal trials.
  • It is their responsibility to apprise clients on the various legal rights applicable to them.
  • Immigration Lawyers are supposed to represent individuals in cases concerning disputes to immigration issues

According to the latest reports of the BLS, employment for Immigration Lawyers is probable to rise simultaneously with the national average in the course of 2014. As far as the salary information is concerned, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS reports the standard annual income of Immigration Lawyers is around $94,930 irrespective of the specialty areas.

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Taking a Proactive Employment Approach

Searching a job is quite a daunting task. People spend hours online just searching for the right job. And with the present economic condition, it has only become more difficult. In order to get the right kind of job, you need to know how to search for it. An Online search on job portals and job boards is one way of going about things. However, networking skills play a major role in expanding your search and helping you meet the right kind of people.

A. Harrison Barnes of suggests job seekers that they should have a planned approach towards seeking a job. They should initially plan what exactly they want, which field they want to enter, which geographical area suits them the best and also which company they wish to work with. Once you have decided what exactly you need to try different ways of letting people know that you are looking for a job. It is suggested that you should join almost all the employment sites that are available online as this will help you broaden your search. But searching for jobs should not be limited to online sites only. One also needs to network to expand ones search.

You need to have an active network in place. Referral programs are the top recruitment programs in most companies today. Employers prefer the referrals provided by their employees. You have a clear advantage over the scores of job seekers who apply for the same position. This network can be created by your family or friends who in turn can spread the word. There are many online sites that give you a chance to increase your network. You should make best use of it. This is the best way to stand out among other potential job seekers who only prefer searching for an opportunity in the traditional manner.

Once you find the opportunity of your choice, make sure that you make the best of it. A. Harrison Barnes says that the way you present yourself in front of the employer is very important. Your presentation should place you apart from other potential job seekers in the eye of the employer. Your first impression should be the best. You have to have a perfect resume. Your resume should give the employer a snapshot of your complete profile. You can find numerous samples of professionally written resumes online. Keep them as a guide and go ahead. Always remember that a resume represents you on paper.

Once you have sent your application patiently wait for the employer to call you for an interview, suggests A. Harrison Barnes. When you apply to various opportunities at the same time, there is always the chance that confusion and errors can creep in. Always remember to maintain an interview schedule. Schedule interviews in the order in which your interest lies in the organization. Never rush into one. It is a mistake that cost you your job. Schedule interviews in such a way that you have sufficient time to prepare for every interview. When creating an interview schedule keep some pointers in mind. Ask yourself, what is the interview about? Why were you chosen for the interview? How long do you expect it to last? Do not cram the schedule. Keep breathing pace for yourself. In this way you can give the maximum for every interview you attend, recommends A. Harrison Barnes.

After you have been selected for the interview at the company you applied, prepare yourself for the interview. You should be well prepared by displaying complete knowledge about your field. Make sure that the employer is not able to find any flaws in your profile. You have to be confident in your approach; the way you greet the interviewer, the way you sit, the way you talk or the way you react to their questions. The employer should not feel any negativity in you or should not have the feeling that you are not serious about the job. Stay positive; be ready to keep your mind open. You need to convince the employer that you are here to enhance the organization with your skills. You should be confident of yourself. Positive body language reflects confidence and a strong personality.

If you follow these basic steps recommended by A. Harrison Barnes, you are definitely scoring a job for yourself and that too of your choice. In all, having a positive attitude and a positive outlook are key ingredients in securing you the job of your choice.

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Important factors older job seekers should remember

Getting a Job as a Senior Professional

When you are in a place where you are looking to get a job but you are older than the majority of the people who are currently hunting, it can be a little bit frustrating that it feels as though you are getting passed over for people who are simply younger and not more qualified. Ageism is something that is alive and well in the workplace and if you are looking for a way to get around it, you will discover that there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Whether you are looking for work in a field that is brand new to you or you are newly in search of a job in a field that you have worked in for ages, you will find that there are a few things that you need to remember.

If you are a senior professional, it is time to update your resume. Dusting off your old one and making a new entry may actually hurt you a great deal. People who have been professionals for a long time usually end up with a chronologically based resume and this can work against you. Instead, put together a skill based resume that will help you show off everything that you know about and all the skills that you have picked up. A skills based resume will immediately show your prospective employers how employable you are and what you can do for their company. Remember that in this economy, they are going to be looking to get rid of people from the hiring pool just to make their lives easier.

Another thing that you will want to keep in mind is how you answer the question of what your weaknesses are. When you are asked this question, remember that the reply is something that should be skill based rather than personality based. If you have a certain weakness or lack of experience with a form of software, this might be the time to bring it up. It is even better if you can show them that you are taking pains to correct this. For instance, if you have issues with Excel or Access, you can mention the fact that you are currently working with a copy at home to get more familiar with it, or you might want to look into taking a class on the subject.

Remember that networking will go a long way no matter who you are or what you can do. For instance, take a moment and think about how you are going to be able to tell everyone you know about the kind of employment you are looking for. You might want to go online or you might want to meet with them in persona and let them know what you are looking for. Let them know that you would appreciate a reference or any indication that their offices might be looking for more employees. Take some time and make sure that you represent yourself accurately and well to the people who are around you and that they know what you are looking for.

Getting into any field is tough and you will find that today, it is more competitive than it is has ever been. Know what you want and make sure that you can get it.

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Job Availabilities with the Automakers

In early January 2010, Chrysler hired nearly 600 engineers in an effort to rebuild after the significant downsizing efforts of 2008 and 2009. Great news, right? If the Detroit Auto Show held in January 2010 is any indication, the rebuilding efforts have begun for the “Big 3″. Sergio Marchionne, CEO for Chrysler said, “I need bodies to make these cars”. Odds are, he won’t have any problem finding those bodies.

Mark Reuss, Chevrolet spokesperson says its current employee numbers can’t meet the demand for many of the Chevy models and the new goal is to resume hiring efforts similar to those before the recession. For now, the company is focused on continuing to raise demand for the carmaker’s models. While Chevrolet considers its options, Ford celebrates its most recent award, the 2010 Car of the Year. Its Fusion Hybrid is turning heads while the number crunchers are announcing firm plans to increase production by 58% this year. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of says it’s been a slow dance for Detroit’s automakers, but the pace is beginning to pick up.

Looks as though 2010 will be the year for rebounds in both the transportation and manufacturing sectors and will result in bringing employment numbers up to pre-recession levels. Watch for an increase in engineer jobs, office jobs, blue collar jobs and especially human resources jobs. If your background is in this area, you might be inclined to update your own resume. The new goal in 2010 for many is to update their resumes and polish their interview skills as they anticipate these new opportunities. Even new graduates might be offered salaries their peers were not offered this time last year. Regardless, it’s significant progress and promises to raise hopes and expectations as we enter a new decade and attempt to put the past two years and the financial shortfalls the recession brought behind us. A. Harrison Barnes agrees and says the timing is perfect as we begin a new year with a renewed hope for an improved employment outlook.

While Chrysler continues to open up engineer jobs, Ford continues with its award winning efforts and Chevrolet moves forward with its own plant re-openings and new hiring efforts, we all remain optimistic of this being a strong sign that not only the recession beginning to fade, but hopes of the job market’s long anticipated rebound as well. In the meantime, job seekers might consider a resume writing service, such as what A. Harrison Barne’s provides, to ensure their bases are covered as they continue to anticipate the new good news out of the Detroit automakers and what it means for the country, its employment sector and the recession as a whole.

Now’s the time for many to make their move and’s resume service is just the place to start. Whether it’s help with your current resume or you’re looking for an expert who craft an error free CV that will catch attention, you’ll find it with the resume experts.

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How to Become a Process Server

Service of process is the procedure where the legal documents like legal notices, complaints subpoenas, writs, summons, petitions and other court documents are personally delivered to the person (usually the defendant) to whom the court document is directed. This set of legal documents is known as the ‘processes. The recipient of the process is asked to respond to the legal proceedings at the court or the tribunal. The rules related to the service of process are different with every jurisdiction. Normally the legal document is delivered to the individual personally, but sometimes they can also be delivered to another person of suitable age at the individual’s residence or place of employment or business. Service of process can also be mailed to the individual in some cases. If the individual cannot be located then the court may order the publication of the service of process in a newspaper, for example, in such exceptional cases.

The Job of a Process Server

The person who personally delivers the legal documents to the individual to whom the document is directed is known as the process server. In most jurisdictions the process server cannot be a party to the case. It is the duty of the process server to deliver the legal documents according to the legislative body in the service area, says A. Harrison Barnes, an experienced attorney. They have to take care that the legal documents are delivered to the concerned person in person, or is handed over to some member of the family or business.

The duty of the process server doesn’t end here. He or she has to provide the proof that the documents have been delivered. It is done through a legal document called Affidavit of Service. This should be notarized and provided to the party who had requested for the service. Affidavit of Service is also known as Proof of Service. The process servers are also the ones who will file your legal papers with the court apart from recovering the documents. A. Harrison Barnes says that they also offer different kinds of investigation such as surveillance, skip trace, people locates and many others.

Process Server: Important Things to Know

If you decide to become a process server then you must gather all the knowledge that is needed to become one, says A. Harrison Barnes. You have to know what work a process server does daily. A process server’s daily work constitutes of giving out the legal documents or providing people with the legal papers that they want. You have to be very clear about every detail of the job. You have to gain some knowledge about the legal system and its workings. You can opt for a class in order to get familiar with the legal subpoenas and papers. You must to know all about legal papers to be able to explain their importance to their recipients. It is not much difficult to learn the details about the job of a process server, feels Barnes. The most challenging and bothering factor in the job of a process server, however, is that they are generally not received well by the persons to whom they have to deliver the legal documents. They are often treated harshly by the recipient. Sometimes they even have to look extensively for a person who cannot or does not want to be found.

The qualifications required to become a process server vary from state to state. In few of them you just require a license to perform the duties of a process server. But there are other states where you need to be court officials to perform the tasks of a process server. In some other jurisdictions even a private person or agency can act as a process server but they would need the authorization of the court. Several states offer courses that train candidates to be process servers, according to A. Harrison Barnes.

Income of a Process Server

The rates of process serving vary from state to state and case to case. The same day services are usually billed at A. Higher rate. A routine serve can cost anything from $20 to $100. But the national average payment rate for the process server is $45 and $75. The charges are on an hourly basis and also based on the experience of the process server.

According to A. Harrison Barnes, the best thing for a starter is to begin the career by working under an experienced process server. Though you will not be able to earn enough, the knowledge and the experience that you will gain along with practice will be very valuable for your legal career. This is the best thing to do as a fresher. The experienced process servers who are best at their work will be your best guides to perform better in your legal career.

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Applying for Part Time Jobs

Maybe you are looking for a way to bring some additional money into the house or you need a part time job to cover extra expenses while you go to school or build a business of your own. No matter what your reason for wanting part time employment, it is important to make sure that you approach the situation in the right manner.

The first thing you want to think about is your resume. Many people believe that you only need a resume if you are looking for full time work in a major career, but that simply is not true. Even an employer who only has a part time job offer for you will appreciate the effort and time you invest in putting together a resume. If nothing else, the employer will remember your name; which is something you would want.

When applying for part time work, you also need to make sure that you are as flexible with your available hours as possible. You do not want to find yourself without any work simply because you do not want to work past or before a certain hour.

If you have other obligations that prevent you from certain work schedules, that is understandable. But if you have some wiggle room in your schedule then you want to show just how flexible you really are. The more flexible you are with your hours, the better chance you will have at getting the job.

If you are turning in your application or resume in person, make sure that you look your best. While you do not have to dress like you are going to a prom, you want to make sure that you are at least in “business casual” attire. This could include a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt. Business casuals convey an air of professionalism, even when applying for part time jobs.

When you are called in for an interview for a part time position, make sure you behave in the same professional manner that you would use for a major career interview. Showing your professionalism will allow the management to see that you are a responsible person who values the worth of their time.

After the interview, you will want to follow up with letter or email, thanking them for taking the time to interview you. This shows that you communicate well and that you have business manners. More importantly, it will help them remember your credentials when it comes time to making a final decision about who will be offered the job. You want to make a lasting impression that sticks with them.

Even though all of this may sound like a lot of work for a part time job, it is something that will help you get your foot in the door. No matter when or where you are applying, there will always be other people who want the same job. But if you put forth your best effort, you will see that it works out in your best interest. Before you know it you will be working the part time job that helps you strike the perfect balance between your personal and professional needs.

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The Nursing Industry

Nursing is one of the most noble professions in our society and currently there are far more nursing jobs than there are those qualified to fill them. It’s one of the most noble positions any of us can choose as a career. It requires a certain mindset and of course, there are educational requirements that must be met and vary according to your specialty. A. Harrison Barnes, founder of and famed career coach says the demand will continue to increase as more people in the medical field prepare for retirement.

Nursing Statistics:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are current 2.6 million nurses in the United States and account for the largest healthcare occupation.

Many of these nurses continue their educations and go on to fill:
(1) Nurse Practitioner jobs
(2) Clinical Nurse Specialist jobs
(3) Nursing Instructor jobs; and
(4) Forensic Nursing jobs

Further, nurses can choose a level of specialty, such as those working with medical teams that research certain diseases or nurses who are specifically trained to provide not only care for terminal patients, but their families as well. Many nurses prefer a classroom setting and become nursing instructors while others become critical care nurses or pediatric nurses.

The growth rate in the nursing industry through the year 2016 is expected to increase by 48% for nurses working in physician’s offices; 33% of nurses who work in the home health care industry 25% for those opting to work in nursing home environments and 17% for those who choose hospitals as their settings. Another important factor, according to A. Harrison Barnes, is the ability to switch professions with just a bit of specific training that complements what the nurse already knows.

The reasons for choosing the nursing industry are as varied as the nurses themselves. Many wish to make a difference in another’s life while others are passionate about the medical field as a whole and want a career in medicine. Today’s technological advances open a world of possibilities for nurses. Many treatments that traditionally were done in more sterile settings are now being performed in patients’ homes. This, of course, explains the need for home health care nurses.

Because of the unique work schedules, many nurses are realizing they can easily work their careers into their domestic lives. It is not uncommon for nurses to enjoy flex time opportunities, part time work schedules that still provide a significant income and there are always those who prefer to travel and become what is known as traveling nurses. Many also opt to enter the military as nurses. This is another way nurses are able to travel while pursuing their careers.

Because there of the current nursing shortage and the fact technology is advancing at rapid rates, there remains a need for both LPNs and RNs in every medical setting. What does this mean for those wishing to pursue a nursing career? It could mean financial incentives as you pursue your education as well as competitive salaries and bonuses for those just beginning their careers upon the completion of their educations. Doctors, clinics, hospitals and other medical arenas are working hard to attract and retain qualified nurses. As a result, nurses are sometimes offered child care expenses, educational incentives and others hard to pass incentives.

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Getting Started With Adventure Travel

If you want interesting jobs and employment opportunities, you will find that it is important for you to be a well rounded individual. Take some time away from your jobs or your employment searches and think about how travel will broaden you and what your options are going to be when you want to see the world. You never know how an experience in another country or just in a place that you have never been will change you, so take some time and make sure that you consider what your options are and how you can move forward. Consider what your options are and what kind of adventures you can go on; it really is just as easy as that!

When you are thinking about getting started with adventure travel, why not take a moment and think about how you are going to be able to learn more about the outdoors. Many people learn more about themselves when they are outdoors, camping, fishing or hiking than they do at any other time. Are you interested in seeing the springs of Yellowstone up close and personal or do you want to see what it is like traveling between trees on a zip line? What about going climbing and skiing in the Rockies or floating above the world in a beautiful hot air balloon? No matter what your options are and what you can do to move forward, you can always look into adventuring in the great outdoors.

Of course you could also take your adventures somewhere less standard as well. For instance, are you a mountain climber? If so, why not look into what it would be like to be part of the rare group of people who have climbed the tallest mountains in the world? On the other hand, what about taking a month to prepare for a race across Death Valley, one of the most desolate places on the planet? One thing that adventure travel can do is that it can pit you against your own limits. There might be the fear of failure there, but remember that this is something that can make a huge difference in your world and what you think you are capable of.

Think about how you have lived your life. Whether you are someone who has always embraced adventure or you find that you are in a place where you need to look into how you are going to get ahead, this is something that you need to look into. Take some time and make sure that you find the results that you need and also look into how you are going to be able to get the adventure started. Good planning is a key, as is good research. Make sure that you know what you are up against and also make sure that you consider how you are going to move ahead with the experiences that you want.

If you are ready to have an adventure and if you are ready to move forward and to see the world, remember that adventure and travel go hand in hand!

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Bridge the Employment Gap

When you are seeking employment, there are a number of different criteria that you need to meet in order to even be considered for a job. There are a few factors that may affect whether or not you get the job that you want, but the most important of these is your employment history. What employers like to see is a nice clean history with consistent work experience. If you don’t have that consistent work experience then you are going to have a serious problem.

Why are you required to have that consistent experience? The biggest reason is that it shows an employer you don’t have a habit of leaving jobs and that you have a good work ethic. The employer wants someone that will not only stick with the job, but that will also work their hardest at the job. It is widely believed that someone with employment gaps simply cannot meet the standard.

In this economic climate, it can sometimes be very difficult to NOT have employment gaps, especially considering the sheer lack of jobs out there. So how do you avoid gaps in employment history? Let’s look at a few of the ways that you can try.

First off, you should never leave any job unless you have another one lined up. This is very important. Even if the conditions at your job are terrible by your standards, always make sure that you look for other employment first. On top of that, employers will also be more likely to hire you if they see you currently have a job. This shows them that you have a good work ethic and are capable of holding down a job.

Always put in your two weeks’ notice. Though this may have little to do with Employment Gaps, it does determine whether you will actually get hired. If you need to quit your job, make sure that you give them plenty of notice so they’ll be able to get someone else during the standard two weeks. If a potential employer calls your last job, you want them to say that you put in your notice, because if you failed to them you probably will not get hired unless you have a very good reason.

When looking for a career some people are going to have actual employment gaps. Face it, people make mistakes, and luckily, there is a way to fix it. You can submit your information to a professional resume writer. These writers are great at making your employment gaps look good. It’s going to cost you a bit of money, but it’s worth it if you get the job that you want in the end.

You can also consider doing some volunteer work. Though you won’t get paid for this, you can put it on your resume and most employers will count it as work history. There are many different things that you can do to bridge the gap, including working part time. If you do have gaps, it’s not going to easy, but with a lot of time, patience, and work, you can push through and get the job of your dreams. It all depends on how much you want it, and how much you’re willing to work for it.

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